Wednesday, October 3, 2018
Tours 4 to 6 p.m. reservation only

Wiegand Hall, Corvallis Campus

Space is limited for these tours! Please use the link below to reserve your spot. 

Fermentation facilitates the production of wine, beer and even cheese! A state-of-the-art, two-barrel, temperature-controlled brewing system is located in the pilot plant in Wiegand Hall. The brewhouse allows students to participate in the brewing process from malt milling to lagering, and is complete with packaging and pasteurization capabilities.

The pilot plant winery is located in neighboring Withycombe Hall and is composed of equipment necessary for wine grape processing including a stemmer-crusher, presses, filtration systems, batch centrifuge, bottling systems and storage facilities. The winery serves as a research and teaching tool for both resident students and extension workshops. University-owned vineyards provide wine grapes for teaching and research purposes.

For event questions or accommodation requests, please contact Shelly Signs, (541) 737-0724 or

The pilot plant has complete facilities to handle R&D processing needs. The plant has easy access to dry storage, refrigerated and frozen storage, and temperature control rooms for shelf-life studies. Conveniently located is a loading bay with a forklift for semi-trailer delivery of equipment and supplies directly to the plant. Complete laboratory facilities for food quality analysis are available in the Food Science department.

Meet with Paul Hughes for a distillation tour, and sample a flavored gin under development. 

Join in the brewing science tour. 

Experience the Beaver Classic cheese and winery tour.

Must be 21 and over for all tours.