Saturday, February 17, 2018
11 a.m. - 5 p.m.

63466 Boat Basin Road
Charleston, OR 97420

Visit the University of Oregon’s Charleston Marine Life Center to find out about Oregon Sea Grant funded research on gooseneck barnacle aquaculture, jellyfish, and circulation in the Coos estuary.  Explore aquaria highlighting different coastal ecosystems and animals, a tidepool touch tank, complete whale and sea lion skeletons and view underwater video from deep reefs and undersea volcanoes.


For event questions or accommodation requests, please contact Shelly Signs, (541) 737-0724 or



Dr. Alan Shanks has broad research interests (biological oceanography, animal behavior, intertidal ecology, larval biology) including the interaction of the physical realm and the biological. Much of his work sits at the interface between physical and biology oceanography. His present research effort is directed at understanding how the dispersal of larval invertebrates and fish is affected by currents and the behavioral of larvae. He is strongly driven by curiosity, and a number of his papers have come from this effort. When training students (undergraduate or graduate), one of his primary goals is to persuade his students to follow their curiosity, as this leads to novel and creative discovery.