Friday, February 16, 2018
6 p.m.

International Living Learning Center, room 155

Attendees at this presentation will get the chance to taste for themselves!

Seafood quality is critical to the marketability and safety of the product. Consumers generally accept that fresh seafood is of good quality, but frozen seafood has been met with consumer resistance due to a perception of poor quality. This resistance creates a market barrier for many small boat fishermen who need to freeze product to accumulate sufficient supply to keep their businesses viable.  This event is sold out.

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Ann Colonna is currently in her 15th year as the Sensory Program Manager at the Food Innovation Center in Portland, Oregon, an off campus Oregon State University Experiment Station. She assists industry clients with sensory and consumer testing and collaborates in mission oriented research designed to advance Northwest agriculture and food products. 

The Food Innovation Center in Northwest Portland is one of only two such off-campus, university experiment stations in the nation. Its mission is to promote research and market opportunities for Oregon food and agriculture producers, and to conduct testing for local and national companies. Colonna has built an enviable databank of 13,000 testers, a group that companies all over the nation come to access. What these unusually discriminating testers see, smell, taste, feel, even hear inside the sensory science lab can make or break companies and brands.