Friday, April 20, 2018
5 p.m. - 10 p.m.

SEC Plaza

Come visit the OSU150 table at the Northwest Spring Fest! You'll be able to cash out the points you've earned by playing the OSU150 scavenger hunt.   OSU150 Sun Grant Festival is offering 10 prize packages valued at over $100 each to the top scores in the OSU150 phone app scavenger hunt. More information at

Northwest Spring Fest is a ton of fun with local food, gifts, and music! A celebration of art, music, and food in the Willamette Valley, Northwest Spring Fest will feature live local bands, food carts, community art projects, repurposed crafts, yoga, and tea.

Every year, Northwest Spring Fest features a celebration of local arts, food and music, and offers a chance to get outside and enjoy the warmer weather! 

Last year, the celebration featured...

Lani Moku, Authentic Hawaiian Kine food
Viva! Vegetarian Grill, 100% Vegetarian and Vegan food truck

Moss Wall, A collaborative art project where students will be "gluing" live moss onto a 6x8 ft display wall that will be hung up in the SEC. 

Tree Canvas, A collaborative art project where students will be using their hands to paint a tree on a blank canvas 

Mandala, A collaborative art project where students will work together to paint/fill in a giant 8x8ft Mandala  

Yoga, We'll have two sessions, 5:00-5:45pm and 6:00- 6:45pm, the theme is "Grace and Strength Flow"

Tea Tent, A carpeted area where students will be able to relax, unwind, and enjoy tea made from fresh, local farms

Upcycled Crafts, An area where students will be able to turn bottles into drinking glasses, cans into lantern lights, and T-shirts into carrying bags

Succulent Planting, An activity where students will be able to plant their own succulents using recycled cans

We will update this page with this year's offerings as soon as they are available! Check back soon.