In-person events, activities and programming are critical to the vitality of our university and community, even while we work to reduce the spread of COVID-19. This page is intended to support planners in providing the OSU community with in-person engagement in the context of COVID-19 safety protocols.

Vaccinations continue to provide the best protection against serious illness and will greatly help reduce the spread and emergence of any new variants. 

Event Safety Measures

  • Planners must post signs stating current face covering policy, which should be in alignment with the Oregon Health Authority, relevant local requirements, and OSU Policy.  As of the morning of March 12, masks will not be required.  OSU welcomes those who wish to continue wearing a mask, should they desire to do so after this date.
  • Effective March 1 at noon, there are no situations where it is necessary for attendees at events held by OSU to show proof of vaccination or a negative test for attendance.

Have questions?

    This form is intended to provide a process for event planners to submit proposals for in-person events.  This form is not required. Submissions will be reviewed and feedback provided to assist you in event planning. This process supports OSU's efforts to be in compliance with local, state, and federal guidelines, and OSU policy.

    To complete the process for events taking place at the Memorial UnionCH2M HILL Alumni CenterOSU Portland Center and Hatfield Marine Science Center (Newport) follow the hyperlink directly to their respective forms.

    You are welcome to send feedback to with ‘in-person events form’ in the title.

    Start the In-Person Event Resumption Form