Oregon State's art sheet contains logos, wordmarks, verbiage, correct PMS colors and general information about the university. As part of the cost of licensing, licensees will gain access to the art sheet through Logos on Demand. General design guidelines and detailed information about each logo are listed below. 

Design Guidelines

  • All university logos need to have the appropriate trademark registration symbols.
  • Changes to the logos are not permitted, including altering the color, shape, alignment, or trademark registration symbol.
  • Logos need to be seen in their entirety and should not be covered or layered with other marks or graphic elements. 
  • Logos and wordmarks cannot be used to make different words.
  • No stylized or cartoon images of a beaver are permitted. Use of consistent graphics helps build brand consistency. 
  • Parody designs are not permitted. All artwork should be original. 
  • Logos and/or wordmarks should not appear in green or yellow ink or be placed on green or yellow garments (some camouflage patterns are acceptable and reviewed on a case by case basis).
  • Oregon State trademarks may not be used in any manner that suggests or implies Oregon State University endorsements of products, services, political parties or views, or religious organizations or beliefs. 
  • Oregon State Trademarks may not be used in connection with alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs, tobacco, gambling, inherently dangerous products such as firearms and explosives, or sexually suggestive products or language.
  • Oregon State University will not approve art that it determines, taints, or undermines its goodwill.

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