All academic, administrative and research units must obtain permission prior to using Oregon State's name or marks on products.


Design Guidelines

  • All university logos, wordmarks and verbiage require the appropriate trademark symbols.
  • Logos need to be seen in their entirety and should not be covered, layered or used as background images.
  • All university logos, wordmarks and verbiage cannot be green or yellow or appear on green or yellow garments (select camouflage patterns are acceptable and subject to approval).
  • Unique logos are not allowed for any academic, administrative or research units, without exception. Use of unique typographic or pictorial logos undermines efforts to build a unified Oregon State brand.
  • Stylized, cartoon or hand drawn images of a beaver are not permitted.
  • Verbiage cannot be used in a slanted font as it is not consistent with the university's branding.
  • Parody designs are not permitted. All artwork should be original.
  • The Trademark Licensing Program reserves the right to deny any designs that do not represent the university positively.


  • Academic, administrative and research units are permitted to sell products associated with their unit for fundraising purposes. All designs must be approved by Trademark Licensing. 
  • A licensed vendor must be used. 
  • Due to university regulations, academic, administrative and research units cannot sell their products on campus. The sale of products featuring university indicia are only permitted at the OSU Beaver Store and in Athletic venues.