Science Documentary Producer

Adams Hall

Adams Hall
Adams Hall 002

606 SW 15th Street

606 SW 15th Street
Corvallis, OR 97331

MS Marine Resource Management, Oregon State University 2014

BS Environmental Science, Bucknell University 2008

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Beyond OSU

Saskia's career as a science documentary and video producer has taken her from the edge of Greenland's ice sheet to the middle of the Pacific Ocean, from exploring marine issues to analyzing the role scientists play in advocacy and policy-making. She writes, direct, shoots, and edits for short and long-format nonfiction films for colleges and organizations across the university. She is passionate about Inclusive SciComm, a burgeoning but eventually (hopefully) redundant field as a way to be more intentional, reciprocal, and reflexive when producing media with and for "broader" audiences. She invites anyone who is interested in embracing and enhancing equity, diversity, and inclusion in their science communication efforts to contact her for resources, to chat, or to collaborate. 

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