The work we do at Oregon State University is vital. Our approach — confident but humble — and the impact of our leadership, teaching, innovation and service are far-reaching and profound. Our brand captures this and provides a platform for expressing it through a distinctive narrative, a consistent voice and a unified visual vocabulary. Embraced as a whole, our brand equips us to authentically show our work and tell our stories in ways that are unmistakably and unforgettably us. 

A More Profound and Consistently Delivered Oregon State University Story Will

  • Elevate the university’s brand and brand awareness, both within the state of Oregon and across the country and globe.
  • Create a more unified message that applies to all of Oregon State’s individual units and campuses.
  • Promote the university’s quality and unique strengths.
  • Build greater awareness and appreciation of Oregon State’s impact.

What is a Brand?

Everything included in this document will help guide the development and articulation of our institution’s unified brand. A brand is an enduring platform that articulates an organization’s unique identity and personality — meeting the needs of a broad, diverse community. At Oregon State, our brand focuses on a differentiated and memorable positioning and platform. 

A Brand is Long-Lasting, With Enduring Strength

  • Focused inward, defining who we are and why we exist.
  • Reaching our broad, diverse community — internal and external to the university.
  • Long-lasting, with the ability to evolve as our university’s strategies and plans evolve.
  • Reinforced by strong, comprehensive visual and verbal messaging, and anchored by a big idea.

How is a Brand Different From Marketing?

Marketing is primarily campaign-based, focused on delivering meaningful promotions and executions. It includes targeted advertising and marketing efforts that are directed at external audiences.

A Marketing Effort is Short-Term, With an Identified Objective

  • Focused outward, promoting what we offer and how our audience benefits.
  • Reaching a specific, targeted subset of audiences.
  • Features shorter-term initiatives that are timely and relevant.
  • Reinforces messages and inspires people to take action.