With steadfast determination, people from Oregon and around the globe gather to explore frontiers and solve today’s most pressing issues. Together, we innovate to deliver far-reaching solutions that guarantee the prosperity of our state and world, enriching the lives of all people. We transform learners into leaders. We are unwavering and accountable, because the world can count on us for a healthier, more sustainable future.

Oregon State University is a powerful, distinctive institution, yet we tend to share our accomplishments and renowned strengths quietly or humbly without capturing the attention we deserve. Our positioning statement explains who we are in a way that definitively and profoundly showcases our prominence. In short, it serves as the conceptual core for all that we say and do.

Our brand positioning is made up of four key elements which together serve as the foundation for our creative platform.


How we want to be thought of in the minds of our most important audiences.


What we say and why it matters.


Who we talk to and how.


The tone in which we communicate.

Note: The brand positioning statement is for internal inspiration and focus only. It should not be used verbatim in external communications.