The following systems ensure cohesive internal and external branding through marketing, communications and media efforts.


Brand Delegation System

A brand delegation system is in place to augment the role of University Relations and Marketing with additional leaders and experts across the university who can serve as supporters for a strong brand.

Brand Manager

The brand manager serves as an expert within a college or unit (outside of University Relations and Marketing). This person is a trusted professional and is empowered to guide and support brand management across the university. Brand managers are designated through a selection process that University Relations and Marketing oversees. In coordination with University Relations and Marketing, brand managers serve in a leadership capacity within their unit and work to execute brand governance.

  • Receive extensive brand knowledge and training.
  • Have the authority to review and approve marketing communications materials and to enforce the brand guidelines within their unit.
  • Specifically have this role and responsibility included in their job descriptions and primary job functions.
  • Participate, in collaboration with University Relations and Marketing, in brand audit activities.
  • Assign brand advocates within their units.
  • Collect brand materials for archiving and annual auditing.
Brand Advocate

A brand advocate is responsible for generating or executing marketing and communications materials (print, digital and video) for a department or unit. Marketing and/or communications could be their full-time position or a percentage of their existing job duties. Advocates are familiar with the university’s brand guidelines in addition to any sub-branding for their unit.

  • Work in conjunction with a brand manager.
  • Frequently attend brand-training sessions conducted by URM.
  • Have working level knowledge of brand guidelines.
  • Serve as a resource in a department or unit.
External and Internal Brand Ambassadors

Brand ambassadors are individuals who represent the university and assist units with increasing brand awareness by utilizing messaging outlined in the university’s brand guidelines. Ambassadors work in alignment with the unit they represent, understand the university’s brand (sub-brands where applicable) and use the appropriate messaging when representing the university. Ambassadors can include alumni, board members and volunteers. Colleges and units can create brand ambassador programs tailored to their specific needs.

Processes and Review

Paid media

Marketing and communications creative campaign materials used within paid media must be reviewed and approved in advance by University Marketing. Materials should be submitted for review through an online form. Eclipse Marketing and Anvil Media are approved vendors and are available to assist units with developing media strategies, getting quotes from media and placing advertisements. University Relations and Marketing highly encourages using these vendors as it allows for better brand alignment, higher visibility and a more cost effective use of university funds. Units can manage event or conference sponsorships without going through a media agency. Faculty and staff should be sure to notify the communicator for their unit of any paid media plans.

Media categories for review and approval by University Marketing
  • Digital
    • Banner or display ads
    • Video
    • Social media ads
  • Outdoor/Billboards
  • Print, including newspaper, magazines, etc.
  • TV/Broadcast or promotional videos
  • Transit
  • Radio
Categories for review/approval by unit brand manager
  • Event ads
  • Promotion of OSU Extension Services programs
  • Conference ads
  • Sponsorship materials

Paid Media Creative Review and Approval Process

University Marketing recognizes that the timing of creating and placing media can vary greatly. Each unit should create processes for internal and University Marketing review that best enables appropriate and timely review.

  1. Complete online submission 
    1. Submitter will receive a confirmation message and a confirmation email from UM.
  2. Submit the request form with time for University Marketing feedback, time for the requester to incorporate feedback and if necessary, resubmit artwork for second review by University Marketing.
  3. University Marketing will respond in two business days to respond with approval or requested changes.
  4. The artwork is reviewed for adherence to brand guidelines and representation of the university including design, messaging/copy and strategy.
  5. Responses to submissions will be:
    1. Approved as is
    2. Approved with changes – can send to media without showing UM again
    3. Not approved – changes needed and artwork resubmitted for review/approval

Crisis Communications

All crisis communications are managed by the Vice President and Associate Vice President of University Relations and Marketing. This work occurs in collaboration with University Relations and Marketing News and Research Communications, colleges, divisions and units.

News Releases and Media Relations

All Oregon State news releases and media relations are managed by University Relations and Marketing News and Research Communications staff. This work occurs in collaboration with colleagues within colleges, divisions and units.

Public Affairs

All public affairs are managed by the Vice President and Associate Vice President of University Relations and Marketing. This work occurs in collaboration with University Relations and Marketing News and Research Communications, colleges, divisions and units.