Photography is a powerful asset for visual storytelling. It helps us tell the engaging, extraordinary story that is Oregon State’s. By aligning our photography style and usage, we can create a look and feel that’s distinctly ours. To organize our photo library, images will be divided into two classifications — There and Here — and then broken down into the eight categories below.


There imagery should capture the essence of what it’s like to be “OUT THERE.” It should represent the full experience, from gorgeous, cinematic landscapes and experiences in the field, to the equipment our faculty and students use, to the intricate details of what they do and the settings they work in.



Beauty shots of the places in Oregon and around the world where our researchers are doing groundbreaking work. View examples.



Here imagery should serve as a counterpoint and complement to the THERE collection. It should authentically capture what it’s like to be on campus at Oregon State — whether that’s in Corvallis, Cascades or Newport. These photos must represent our setting, our students, our faculty and our culture.



Beauty shots of our campuses that match the style and impact of the landscape photography. View examples.

in the element

In The Element

Candid shots of students and faculty, Out There, in the trenches, doing work. View examples.

in the moment

In The Moment

Candid shots of students and faculty in the classroom, the lab, the studio, getting to work. View examples.



The tools of the trade. Anything from seafaring vessels and seismographs to binoculars and test tubes. View examples.



Images that capture what makes us Oregon State: student life, fandom, traditions. All the things that are most dear to our institution. View examples.



Close-up images related to all three THERE categories — hands, natural elements, tools and more. Anything that can help tell a fuller story. View examples.



Close-up images related to all three HERE categories — architecture, supplies, Beaver gear. Anything that shows what life here is really like. View examples.