Our photography — like our work and our culture — distinguishes us from our peers. So we should pay careful attention to the style of our images, specifically in the following areas.


Our images should feel cinematic. Detail shots should feel intimate and important. Landscape images should feel grandiose.


Use short depth of field and selective focus on tight and medium shots. This helps make the subject pop.


Incorporate large amounts of negative space to allow for the overlay of text and contextual graphics in layouts.


Capture candid, authentic moments. Avoid overly posed or staged images. No looking directly at the camera. The exception to this rule is portraiture. The subject of a photograph should not be cut-out and placed on another image or a blank background.


Bright, natural, directional light is always preferred. When studio lighting is used, it should be subtle and mimic natural light.


Diverse images help build a strong library. Use selective and full focus. Frame shots with short, medium and wide options.

photography style

photography style