The beaver logo is the primary mark for Athletics and for retail product. It should be the main element in all designs.  

Beaver logo elements


  • The beaver logo must have the appropriate trademark registration symbol.
  • Changes to the logo are not permitted, including altering the color, shape, alignment, or trademark registration symbol.
  • If the beaver logo is used, the design cannot contain the Jr. Benny logo.


Beaver logo outline options

  • In most cases, the outline should be orange, even on orange background.
  • The outline should not be white, even when the background color is split. In these cases, use an orange outline.  
  • On a dark background, the logo must have an outline.

One Color

Beaver logo one color options

  • The "outer logo" must always be the darkest element. 


Beaver logo color options

  • One color, gray variations are permitted. 
  • Pink is acceptable in limited circumstances, such as product affiliated with Breast Cancer Awareness.
  • Different color combinations are not permitted.

Beaver logo color options

  • The logo can be placed on camo patterns. 
  • The logo should never be placed on green products, even in association with St. Patrick's Day product. 
  • The logo should never be placed on yellow products. 

Textures and Patterns

Beaver logo pattern examples

  • Light textures and patterns are permitted in the "inner logo" and "outline." They cannot be applied to the "outer logo," teeth or eyes.
  • Bold, busy patterns are not permitted. 
  • Gradients are not permitted. 


Beaver logo alignment

  • The right-facing version of the logo should be used for standard designs.
  • The left-facing version of the logo can be used in select cases, such as the car flags and helmet designs. 

Other Incorrect Uses

Beaver logo other incorrect uses

  • Additionally, elements cannot be added to the logo. 
  • Other graphics cannot be placed over the top of the logo. 
  • The logo must be seen in its entirety. Edges cannot be cut-off.