University Relations and Marketing has developed numerous, effective and easy-to manage tools to support brand efforts.

Brand Asset Management System

The Brand Identity Guidelines centralizes all brand assets and provides a clear process for management. The system aligns and educates internal teams, allows collaboration around content and ensures consistency of the brand.

Master Creative Brief

Units should employ the use of a creative brief or intake form when beginning each project. This form ensures that every communication adheres to the brand guidelines and focuses on the right audiences, objectives and strategy. 

  • Key consideration on messaging, voice, audience and delivery method
  • Deadlines and a mutual responsibility from the creative team and the requesting entity
  • Categories outlined in the brand guidelines, demonstrating how to bring it all together

Brand Guidelines Reference: Approach for Communications

This six-step process for the creation of communications takes in all aspects of the brand foundation into consideration and helps guide on-brand decisions.

Brand Checklist

This simple, direct brand checklist should be completed immediately before a piece is sent to print. The list serves as a final filter for work and a reference to promote brand consistency.