To build on our positioning with language that we can use to tell the university’s story, we develop and prioritize the most important messages. Our key messages are organized in a hierarchy through attribute and benefit mapping. Our brand story always begins at the center of the map — our core value proposition. Based on the focus, intended audience and type of story we need to tell, we can lean on the appropriate secondary messages and proof points.

With our positioning as a starting point, we dive deeper into our story by building our messages around four key attributes of our brand story: leadership, role, collaboration and attitude. These four key attributes represent what we offer and a character that is unique to Oregon State. They are tied directly to outcomes and potential impact, which are equally important to emphasize. Because of what we do, we can achieve quality and relevance, provide access and have a lasting impact. By leaning on these messages, we reflect who we are in a profound way.

Note: Not all of these messages will apply to your projects, nor will every proof point be used every time. Sometimes, only one or two elements from the message map will be relevant. More importantly, the message map contains the ideas you want to get across in your writing. Don’t just copy and paste text verbatim from the message map. Download the message map (.pdf).

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hands-on research and learning in a range of natural environments

renown for climate, renewable energy and natural resources

a shared desire to achieve and engage in excellence

a collective character of determination and strong work ethic

a long-standing commitment to sustainability

responsibility for educating future generations of Oregonians

a sense of belonging in a community that values diversity and inclusion

an environment that encourages creative experimentation

world-leading research expertise and academic teaching

a driver of economic and social prosperity of the state

reaching beyond disciplines with fresh perspective

the ability to navigate situations nimbly

one of the only public institutions with all four grant designations

entrenchment in our counties through outreach and engagement

highest-quality faculty and students, working together to foster learning

utilize available resources for maximum impact

achieve excellence through service to others, unwavering integrity and commitment

transform learners into leaders while serving our state, nation and world

gather diverse experts and partners to explore new frontiers

demonstrate steadfast resilience to get things done

At Oregon State University, we inspire all people to come together in our Oregon laboratory to learn, explore and solve the most pressing issues facing our state and the world


To deliver a healthier, prosperous and more sustainable future

creating long-lasting and valuable innovation

a consciousness to meet critical needs for the betterment of others

accomplishing informed and enduring change

thriving as more prominent and capable contributors to society

a balance of critical thinking and communication skills

sharing knowledge and learning to meaningfully expand our reach

an appreciation for others in progress and success

an entrepreneurial drive to create knowledge for the greater good

the ability to apply knowledge and insights

powerful connections within communities

problem solvers who are globally aware

a commitment to think differently and challenge approaches

highly desirable graduates prepared for careers and further study

commitment to social progress, service and a sense of responsibility

the confidence to voice one’s ideas and beliefs

the ability to dive deep to make a difference

pride in the investment and a widely respected degree

the ability to find one’s purpose and passion

belonging as part of a lifelong community

a desire to question, acknowledge flaws and determine what should change