To build on our positioning with language that we can use to tell the university’s story, we have developed and prioritized the most important messages. Our key messages include both attributes — what we offer — and benefits — what our audiences get. All messages in our brand story support core value proposition. Based on the focus, intended audience and type of story we need to tell, we can apply the appropriate messages and proof points.

With our positioning as a starting point, we have organized messages around general attributes and benefits that can be applied broadly to the university, along with messages focused on Oregon State University’s three core missions: education, research and engagement. Messages are tied directly to outcomes and potential impact, which are equally important to emphasize. Using these messages supports consistency and repetition — so that audiences recognize and believe them as part of the Oregon State brand story.

Use the message map to help generate ideas for writing, recognizing that the messages you choose will vary depending on the project and intended audience. We also encourage you to use these specific words and phrases that apply to your project. Adjust for subject, verb and tense as needed. Widespread use of these messages helps build a consistent voice for the Oregon State brand.

Note: These brand messages may be updated and expanded, so check this page periodically as you work on your projects.

Core Value Proposition

We inspire people to come together to learn, explore and solve the most challenging issues facing our state and the world to deliver a healthier, prosperous and more sustainable future. That’s why you can believe in Oregon State University.

General Attributes

  • Doers and change-makers, never satisfied with the status quo or good enough.
  • Embracing our role as Oregon’s statewide university, unwavering in our commitment to serving Oregon and beyond.
  • A welcoming community that promotes inclusive excellence and creates a sense of belonging for all.
  • Everyone thinks of changing the world. We do it.
  • Collaboration and sharing expertise across academic disciplines is deeply rooted in everything we do.

General Benefits

  • Creating valuable innovation and worthwhile, enduring change.
  • Increased knowledge and awareness that embrace diverse experiences and perspectives.
  • Driving economic and social progress through transformative education, cutting-edge research and service to our communities.
  • We do the exceptional, and you can believe in us.

Education Attributes

  • Access to an extraordinary education and attainable degrees.
  • Believe in yourself, your dreams and your power to make a difference, because we believe in you.
  • Engaged, caring faculty whose excellence in teaching supports student learning and success.
  • Opportunities to learn beyond the classroom and apply coursework through research, internships and other real-world experiences.
  • Comprehensive resources and support to promote student success, well-being and degree completion.

Education Benefits

  • Find your purpose, take on new experiences and become who you want to be.
  • Hands-on, active learning — developing foundational knowledge and real-world skills for building a successful career and meaningful life.
  • The confidence that comes from a well-rounded, 21st-century education and earning a degree that’s respected and valued.
  • A valuable investment in students and graduates who contribute to social and economic progress.

Research Attributes

  • More research funding than all other comprehensive public universities in Oregon combined, including transdisciplinary research across 11 colleges.
  • Innovative approaches to solving the world’s most pressing problems, going to the edge of what’s known and beyond.
  • Vision for what can be, with the determination to do the hard work necessary to achieve it.
  • Undergraduate and graduate students contribute to research discovery and solutions.
  • The persistence and resilience to get important things done.

Research Benefits

  • Practical, real-world solutions for the natural world, human health and well-being, and social and economic progress.
  • A sense of discovery from taking an unconventional path or perspective to find answers.
  • You don’t have to wait to make an impact. You can do it now.
  • A strong drive to meet critical needs for the benefit of others.

Engagement Attributes

  • Working collaboratively with communities across Oregon and beyond to address their needs and priorities.
  • Trusted by Oregonians to listen to their needs, value their insights and respect their experiences.
  • Working with underrepresented communities, acknowledging past harms and providing resources to address specific needs.
  • Putting scientific knowledge and expertise to practical use where it’s needed most.
  • Deep roots across the state and an unbreakable commitment to all Oregonians.

Engagement Benefits

  • A collaborative approach to problem-solving that welcomes, respects and incorporates diverse perspectives.
  • Improving quality of life and contributing to thriving communities, economies and ecosystems across Oregon.
  • We don’t approach communities or issues knowing all the answers. We develop and implement solutions together.
  • We recognize OSU’s unique role and responsibility to Oregon and are mindful of our global impact.