2020 Food Drive Dates:

February 3 - February 28

The Food Drive at Oregon State University has a long tradition of success. Every year during the month of February the University comes together and plans a wide variety of food and fund-raising activities to help the hungry. This effort is in conjunction with the Governor's State Employees Food Drive. The resources gathered by County Extension Offices, Experiment Stations, Cascades Campus, and Centers associated with OSU go to their local food banks. Proceeds from the OSU Corvallis campus benefit the non-profit agencies served in Linn-Benton Food Share. These agencies include local food pantries, the OSU food pantry, soup kitchens, emergency shelters, day care centers, shelter homes, and gleaning groups in Linn and Benton counties.

Each year, Oregon State helps to feed the hungry in Linn and Benton counties through a variety of ways. In addition to the annual Food Drive, food is collected throughout the year from the dining halls, catering, the Crop and Soil Science Farm and the Lewis Brown Farm. In Klamath Falls, Beavers are partnering with the local Rotary Club to grow 15,000-22,000 pounds of food from a production garden. This produce is going directly to the area food bank and other organizations working to feed the hungry.


2020 Food Drive was an outstanding success!  Check out the totals!

    Ways To Donate:
    1. Write a check or give cash (Be sure to give it to your department's food drive coordinator)
      (Checks should be made payable to your local food bank)
    2. Make a monthly contribution directly from your paycheck
    3. Plan a fund/food raising event
    4. Participate in your department's events
    5. Donate online, how-to donate online

    Food and funds raised during the drive go to the Linn Benton Food Share, unless donors indicate that they would like their contribution to go to another regional service (selecting another region is a popular alternative for OSU-Cascades and the extenstion offices located in all 36 counties around the state!)  This year we are drawing attention to student food insecurity.  The Human Resources Services Center (HSRC) is one of the food pantries served by the Linn Benton Food Share. 

    Please read a special message from Nicole and Emily, HSRC Food Pantry pro team:

    A lot of people in our community are surprised to hear that more people are visiting our local food pantries than did during the peak of the great recession. Changes to other food security programs at the federal level will continue this trend. The Linn Benton Food Share is an essential part of how our community takes care of our own. Beyond doing good, important work however, the food share is a truly excellent non-profit and one worthy of your support. The program operates on an aggressively lean staffing model so most of their funding can go directly to sourcing food and operational needs. They are a truly exemplary organization to support with your dollars.

    At the campus food pantry, we couldn’t do what we do without the Linn Benton Food Share. We get most of our food for the pantry through the food share - nearly 90,000 pounds last year. Supporting the Linn Benton Food Share supports student food security efforts and that’s of course important to us. But as we’ve gotten involved with the emergency food systems, we’ve been increasingly humbled to hear stories about the challenges our neighbors in Alsea, Sweet Home, and Corvallis (beyond campus) are experiencing. Those food pantries and meal sites are absolutely vital for those communities. Many of the people in your community who rely on these Linn Benton Food Share programs are our student’s families - or your friends. Supporting the food share is one of the most neighborly things you can do.

    Linn Benton Food Share’s programming exemplifies a commitment to local food sovereignty, listening, and empowerment.  Ryan McCambridge, director for the food share, works with local growers to buy fresh produce. From food boxes for patients being discharged from the hospital to our flexible shopping style pantries for students on campus - Linn Benton Food Share supports participating network sites in adapting distribution models within established guidelines to meet the needs of the populations they serve. As the landscape of the emergency food system shifts, LBFS invites network members into dialogue about their needs and crafting possible solutions to support a diverse community of partner agencies. As one of these sites in the food share, we see how programs like these really matter and impact the nutrition and health of our communities.

    We can’t speak highly enough of the Linn Benton Food Share and why you should support them during the annual food drive. The emergency food system is as stressed and strained as it’s ever been. Ryan and his team work extraordinarily hard to feed our community, but they can’t do it without your help. Please pitch in and do your part.