Our Creative Platform

There’s the brand we express to the world through print, the web, on buildings and in person. But then there’s the very essence we reflect on before our pen hits the paper or our fingertips strike the keys. 


At Oregon State, we have a responsibility.

To our state. To our region. To every part of the globe.

We’re obligated to solve today’s most pressing issues.

And to do so, we travel to the highest peaks and the deepest depths.

To verdant orchards and vibrant meadowlands.

To communities fragile and flourishing.

To the very edge of what’s known and back to
where answers coalesce in labs and classrooms,
virtual and physical.

Where discourse and discovery are informed by a culture that embraces
the worth of individuals and the value of serving everyone.

Everyday, fulfilling our duty to embrace the land,
explore the seas, study the sun and search the cosmos.

And in every mind we enlighten, every life we enrich,
every challenge we face and every solution we forge,


Serving the people of Oregon.

Of our nation. 

And of the world.


Note: Revisit this mantra from time to time. Make it part of your pre-writing ritual. These words should not be used verbatim in any communications, but their spirit should echo through everything we write, compose or speak.