It is impossible to have a successful program without an audience. So ADVERTISE! Your advertising should get people's attention, draw them in and keep their interest. There are a lot of ways to do it, some free and some will cost money.  Who is your target audience?  Your top priority is to get the message about your event to this group.  Think about where they look for information and make sure your activity is represented there when possible.  Consider working with University Marketing to design your look and delegate some of these responsibilities.

Timing is everything. When you are working with radio, TV, newspapers or other publications, they will have deadlines that you need to follow. If you want a free public service announcement, you will usually need to contact the radio/TV stations early. Display ads in newspapers need to be designed, in addition to buying the space.  All media buys for OSU should be made through Lisa Canady of Eclipse Marketing.  Make a calendar going backwards from your event date to determine when it would be best to start your media campaign. Read our guide for ideas on developing your publicity timeline.

  • Title of your event
  • Day/Time
  • Location
  • Information about the Event (is it a lecture, conversation, poster presentation, or something else?)
  • Information about the Performer(s)/Presenter(s)
  • Cost of Event/Ticket Prices, how to reserve your spot or where to get your tickets
  • Sponsors of the Event
  • Who and how to contact for accessibility needs or if more information is needed
  • Email invitations
  • Posting on OSU's Calendar of Events and/or online community calendars
  • Posters, their size and how many you need
  • Digital screens and infocasters
  • Fliers, and how you will distribute them
  • Outdoor signs such as sandwich boards or sidewalk stickers
  • Advertisements in the campus shuttles
  • Coffee cup wraps at local coffee shops
  • Social media such as Facebook or Twitter
  • Word of mouth - how will you implement this?
  • Inform messages (when appropriate)
  • Newspaper: ads, or how you will get free advertising and/or coverage
  • Radio/television public service announcements
  • Design costs
  • Printing costs
  • Paper or other materials
  • Distribution costs
  • Cost of purchased advertising

Additional helpful information:

Digital signage displays are available in buildings across campus. These displays are managed by each respective department. If you have an event you’d like to promote on these displays, you can share a flyer (PNG or JPG) in 16x9 dimensions (some displays also accommodate vertical 9x16), with title, description, date, time, location, and a call to action (such as “Register Here”, if necessary, with a QR code and/or link) in the Digital Signage Community Teams channel at

It is possible to have stickers made that can be placed on sidewalks around campus.  Be aware that stickers cannot be placed over manhole covers or vault lids. Per the OSU Sign Plan 9.1.2, the signs may be placed three weeks prior to the event, and must be removed no later than three days after the event. As you complete the sidewalk sticker request form, keep in mind that the goals are to verify:

  1. the duration the signage can be displayed
  2. the event is an OSU sponsored activity
  3. installation will not damage any facilities
  4. the siting does not pose any risks to pedestrians or motorists on campus. 

You will also be asked the following items on the form:

  • Full Name
  • Phone
  • Email
  • Department/Organization
  • Event Name
  • Event Start
  • Event End
  • Nearest Building
  • Building Direction
  • Location Details
  • Material
  • Banner Material Method of Placement

There are several ways to communicate with students living in the residence halls including the Beaver Movie Channel, social media, bulletin boards and posting areas. Please visit the UHDS promotions page to learn more.

  • Sports Clubs (in Dixon Rec. Center)
  • 33 mailboxes... Distribute to each box.
  • Associated Students Center (ASC)
  • 55 mailboxes (this includes the cultural centers, Women's center, and Pride center) you will need to distribute the copies to each box yourself.

OSU Today is daily email newsletter for Oregon State University faculty and staff, with a large subscriber base. OSU Today will let faculty and staff know about:

  • where OSU is featured in the news media
  • events or opportunities on campus
  • news and features involving OSU faculty, staff and programs
  • newsletters and notices
  • employee information and job postings
  • other interesting aspects of the campus
  • traffic and maintenance notices
  • weather updates

Submission guidelines
Contact: OSU Today:

Subscribe to OSU Today

OSU events open to the public can be submitted to the OSU online calendar and logging in with your ONID password.

This online faculty and staff news magazine offers feature stories, videos and photo galleries focused on the OSU community.

LIFE@OSU includes events, awards, honors, personality profiles, and stories on faculty, staff and students. Story ideas are always welcome. To submit a suggestion, email

LIFE@OSU Editor: Theresa Hogue;

Orange Media Network and the Daily Barometer  

The Orange Media Network includes six student media formats to inform the OSU Corvallis campus community:

The Barometer is a source of news for both students and faculty and staff. Submit an event or story idea.

  • Select and share a picture from last year's event or from something that your group has done - the more colorful, the better.
  • Supply all event information including event name, date/time/location, brief description, registration and accessiblity information
  • You can fax the press release to KBVR-TV Channel 26 (7-7957), Barometer (7-4999), and OSU News and Communication (7-2130)
  • Write a public service announcement for radio stations

The Inform-C email lists are updated automatically using BANNER. This means that units and departments must keep their personnel records in BANNER current and accurate, including preferred email addresses. Employees may check to verify their preferred email address in the system by:

  1. Go to MyOSU
  2. Log in with your ONID credentials
  3. Click on the Employee tab
  4. In the My Employment Details area, click on Update Email Address
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions to insert a new address and mark it as Preferred.

All Inform-C email lists are visible in the global address book:

  • Inform-C1  deans, executives, chief officers
  • Inform-C2  top academic/research administrators: department and school heads/chairs; center directors, etc.
  • Inform-C3  top administrators: administrative unit directors, etc.
  • Inform-C6  all OSU classified employees
  • Inform-C7  all OSU professional faculty
  • Inform-C8  all OSU instructors, research associates/assistants
  • Inform-C9  all OSU professors, associate professors, assistant professors
  • Inform-C10  academic advisors
  • Inform-C11  office managers, executive assistants, administrative assistants
  • Inform-C12  other (postdoc scholars, clinical fellows, courtesy appointments, postdoc fellows, graduate fellows, temporary employees and academic wage appointments)
  • inform-C13  emeriti faculty
  • Not currently in use: Inform-C4, C5

To reach all OSU employees*

When you need to reach all employees, use lists C6, 7, 8, 9, 12, and 14. Depending on your message, you may also wish to add INTO OSU Joint Venture employees and OSU Foundation and Alumni Association employees. Email Gigi Bruce or Kayleen Eng if you would like to discuss the audiences you are trying to reach.

OSU has an acceptable use policy that limits broadcast emails. In general, information broadcasted should be relevant to all recipients.

When you send information to any Inform-C list, you will receive an auto-reply indicating that the list moderator will approve or disapprove your request. Emails that are not acceptable within the use policy will not be approved.


Common requests for broadcast emails include the following, but will very likely not be approved:

Newsletters (from departments, colleges, and divisions): All electronic newsletters should be posted to the web. Share the link with the campus community via OSU Today.

Workshops, Seminars, Training: Workshops and seminars should be communicated to the campus community through OSU Today. Units may email information to unit heads and office managers if appropriate (inform C2, 3, 11), but should not broadcast announcements to all employees unless the information is relevant to all recipients.

Calls for proposals, etc.: These should be communicated to the campus community through OSU Today. Units may email information to unit heads and office managers if appropriate (inform C1, 2, 3, 11), but should not broadcast announcements to all employees unless the information is relevant to all recipients.

Position announcements: Position announcements are posted to the HR employment web page. They may also be communicated to the campus via OSU Today. Only announcements regarding positions that impact the full campus community should be shared in broadcast emails (e.g. deans, vice presidents, etc.).

Award, fellowship, and scholarship information: Units are asked to limit their broadcast emails only to information that is relevant to all recipients. It is rare that these announcements should be broadcasted broadly. Usually, sharing these announcements with unit heads and office managers is most appropriate, as well as posting them to LIFE@OSU.

Road closures, traffic announcements, construction announcements, etc.: Submit your announcement to OSU Today.

Retirement receptions: Submit your announcement to OSU Today.

Events: Use OSU Today.

Contact for INFORM emails: Gigi Bruce;