Learn about creating your own personalized check list by reviewing how to create a backwards timeline.

Event Planning Check List

Three weeks out from your event is a good time to check to see how your planning is coming along. The following is a checklist to make sure your organizers are on track to planning a successful event.


___Room set up determined

___Equipment rented

___Rental payment to facility

___Kitchen rental payment to facility


___Poster, fliers, table tents printed

___Information/Press release to University Marketing, Student Media, Student Involvement

___Barometer advertising arranged


___Budget drafted and approved

___Funding sources (index) determined


___Personal Service Contracts signed

___Script for program developed

___Rehearsal time reserved and scheduled

___Sound and light staff scheduled and confirmed



___Accounting sheets available

___Invitations mailed to guests and RSVPs/registrations coming in

___Sales and distribution scheduled


___Venue evacuation and communication plans reviewed

___Event flow revaluated for current issues (possible weather issues, possible social issues, pandemic, etc.)

___If necessary, security staff hired

___"Need to know" parties have been contacted and are aware of your event


___Materials purchased

___Preparations scheduled

___Set-up scheduled


___Committees established

___Times clearly stated

The day of the event is often chaotic. We have created a list of tasks to help you organize and keep track of your progress throughout the event day.

Early A.M.

  • Check in with facilities Supervisor/Manager
  • Discuss the day's itinerary and all changes
    • Walk through the area together. Note:
      • Set-up of room/facility
      • Is all rented equipment accounted for?
      • Are adequate trash cans available?
      • Is there equipment for decoration? (Ladder, tape)
      • Is there a coat rack?
      • Confirm schedule of door control and security
      • Confirm safety communications plan (who makes the call when there is an emergency, who makes the announcements)
      • Discuss the events layout from beginning to end
      • Who will be supervising the clean up of the event?
      • Give and receive contact information
    • Meet with chairs of committees
      • Identify areas of concern
      • Map out the day
      • Remind people of duties and expectations
      • Clarify questions
      • Give and receive contact information

Mid Day

  • Event Coordinator should check with all committee chairs
    • Note progress
    • Check schedule
    • Solve problems
  • Check in with food committee or caterer to make sure they are on schedule and are not having any problems
  • Pick up cash box for ticket sales, if needed
  • Set up ticket sales and nametag tables
  • Secure all entrances
  • Confirm arrival of entertainment
  • Set lighting and sound
  • Check in with committee chairs
  • Troubleshoot
  • Clear everyone except for the clean-up volunteers
  • Contact Building Supervisor for instruction on clean-up
  • Remove and store all tables and chairs
  • Remove all decorations
  • Empty trash and sweep floors
  • Count tickets received at entry
  • Count cash box, and deposit money
  • Reconcile ticket sales with dollars deposited
  • Return all rented equipment

Taking photos during events is popular.  If you are going to use the photos that you take for marketing purposes (such as putting on a brochure or banner), and the individuals are recognizable in the photo, make sure to get a signed model release (PDF) for every person in the shot.  If you are planning to use the images for posting on Facebook or web pages, then make sure the following language is visibly posted so that all your guests are aware of your intentions.  "We will be taking photos during this event.  If you prefer not to have your image shared please let the events staff know".  Photo release posters are available for checkout through University Events' Borrowables program.

If you are taking pictures purely for archival purposes - and the images will not be posted or shared, it is not required to post the statement.

Here are some other things to be legally aware of: