A “green” event is an one that utilizes environmentally and socially responsible methods to the greatest extent practical.  It often includes measures to reduce energy and water use, use local food or other products, support alternative transportation, provide composting and recycling at the event location(s) and educates event participants on what measures were taken and why.  

A focus of the University is making a difference for a Healthy Planet and OSU takes pride in our efforts to make all our events greener and more sustainable in some way.  Here is a list of resources and examples of what we’ve done so far.

  • OSU Catering offers the latest in compostable products.  Get them involved in your project early, not only for compostable products, but to select menus that highlight locally produced and in season products.
  • Watch the video (33 minutes) on how to produce a sustainable event at OSU.

       If you’re interested in reducing energy and water use, or curious about how alternative transportation methods can support your event, you can also contact the OSU Sustainability Office.